Inheritance Goals

No fraternizing with the players. Those are the rule. Too bad our stud QB just happens to be my ex-boyfriend and the star of my fantasies.


All my life I’ve worked my ass off to follow in my father’s footsteps and
become the owner of the Orlando Hurricanes.

But my father’s old cronies are trying to stop me. They’re searching for any
excuse to boot me out the door. Who knew football’s front office could be so brutal?

Our franchise player is the love of my life, and I’m dying to rekindle
my relationship with him.

This going to be a major challenge. Staying away from him
will be next to impossible.

One wrong move, and I could lose everything.


Madison Charles broke my heart, and now I’m going to ruin her.

There’s no way I’m standing by and letting her become my boss.

If anyone is going to do the dominating around here, it will be me.

There’s no way she’s worming her way back into my heart.

But if there’s one thing sports has taught me, it’s never say never.

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