Her Royal Physician

She’s a princess, and his patient.
He’s supposed to heal her, not fall for her.
Crossing the line could cost him everything, but sometimes love is worth the risk.


Forced to escape a neighboring country under attack, my father and I sought safety on a military ship bound for home. But in the process, I sprained my ankle.

The next thing I knew I was being examined by the ship’s doctor.

Dr. Leo Lewis is the hottest man I’ve ever met, and his bedside manner could scorch the pages of my diary.

I know there will be trouble if we’re caught, but I simply can’t resist those sexy broad shoulders or the eight pack, not to mention his brain.
What can I say? Intelligence turns me on.

But if my father’s men catch us, they will do everything they can to keep us apart.

If only they could understand—Leo’s love is the medicine I desperately need.


The princess is my patient.

Off limits on both counts.

But the heat between us is palpable, and it’s impossible not to get lost in those sparking amber eyes of hers.

One taste of her luscious charms, and I’m done. My heart belongs to her.

Too bad a relationship with the king’s daughter is not a possibility.

I will have to forget about her, unless I can find a way to make myself indispensable to the crown.

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