For two long years, Amber has crushed on Kerwin Baker while toiling as his personal assistant. but when an unexpected reversal of fortune makes Amber his boss, suddenly he’s the one interested in her.


When I came to New York and started working as an intern at an ad agency, I hoped to learn more about the business, get an inside track for a more permanent position.

Too bad that gig turned out to be running for coffee, fetching dry cleaning, and fielding calls from the women in Kerwin Baker’s life.

He promised I’d get my chance to play with the big boys while I managed his life.

He was hot and only a few years older than me. In many ways I felt like his work wife, and I admit I was jealous of the women who got to spend time with him after hours.

But I loathed always taking a back seat. He was always the star of the show, even though I had tons of great ideas of my own. I was just about to quit when my entire life is turned upside down, and I become Kerwin’s boss.

Karma in action.

I expected Kerwin to be furious. I thought he might quit.

The last thing I expected him to do was try to kiss me.


All this time Amber has been right under my nose, and like a jerk, I missed it.

I was too immersed in my own life to notice the insanely talented and attractive woman who worked for me.

Now she’s the one in charge, and I’ll have to convince her it’s not her newfound fortune or power that’s caught my interest.

It’s her.

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About the Book
Series: Inherit Love, Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2020
Format: EBOOK
Length: NOVEL
ISBN: 1652917446

eBook Price: 3.99
Audiobook Price: 19.95
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